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Who We Are

PT.GEMA-ASTRINDO is Jakarta based full service design & build contractor with broad experience serving both public – and private – sector clients. The company consisted of designers, engineers, & builders who are passionate about building & creating remarkable premises.

Since our birth in 2013, we have steadily grown in capability from a general contractor to a full service design & build firm. We have been privileged to work for respected owners and providers from small interior renovations to building some of the area’s high profile home.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to become the #1 Indonesia’s prime design and build contractors. We aim to create functional, beautiful, timeless design and workmanship that reflect our clients needs, style, values and budget.

Our Driving Forces

A study by Dr. Paul Teicholz of Stanford University found that AEC industry has been declining in productivity. In Indonesia, it takes about an average of 10 months to build a home 10 years ago and that lead time still applies today. In hindsight, time & labour substantiated major cost of a project. Not surprisingly labour cost is expected to rise as Indonesia becomes a first world economy. This is not beneficial to any owners and investors especially when productivity in this sector remains stagnant.

With all those advancements in other sectors, we believe that we have the psyche and the aptitude to introduced new methodologies in this stagnant sector. It won’t be easy, but we have the right team to do it.

The Team

We are comprised of a diverse and highly-technical group of people. These are essential for building our success, bringing in creative ideas, and providing the breadth of knowledge it takes in today’s AEC industry. Diversity is our strength and our greatest assets.

Maria Marsha

Director / Founder

Marsha has been pursuing her passion in entrepreneurship since her early college years. In 2013 she founded an general contracting company PT. GEMA ASTRINDO.

Jeffrey Handaya

Chief Civil Engineer

An indispensable asset to GEMA technical “know how”; Jeff has an extensive 30 years of experiences in the civil engineering sector.

Priyo Purwatmo

Chief Designer / Cofounder

Priyo has been pursuing his professional passion in Architecture & interior since 2008. His understanding of various design trends and principle is a great assets to GEMA style in flexibility and diversity.

Dian Sumiskum

Tech Director / Cofounder

A former Boeing 787 design engineer, Dian’s engineering and tech background brought new methodologies & agile approach in GEMA design & fabrication process.